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MAD Lions unisex cap. Kappa designs a special edition of its BAPOV cap model for the MAD Lions Professional Video Game League club. The perfect complement for a fan of MAD Lions and ESPORTS competitions.

Buying a unique and special accessory to support your club is possible thanks to the Kappa collection for MAD Lions. A MAD Lions fashion collection that includes numerous garments and models, including this unisex cap in black with the personalization of your team's name. In White on black, and in capital letters, you can read MAD LIONS just above the visor. You will find the Kappa Omini logo on the left side of the black unisex cap.

The BAPOV cap from Kappa for MAD Lions will protect you from the sun as well as being an essential accessory when going out with friends.

Composition of the MAD Lions cap:

100% cotton and adjustable.

Specific care of the MAD Lions cap:

Hand wash to prevent the visor from deforming. If you dry outdoors, avoid direct sunlight so that they do not discolor (common care for any dark garment). Do not use bleach or lye-containing detergents that may discolor the Kappa for MAD Lions black unisex cap.



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MAD Lion Fashion:

The MAD Lion fashion collection, designed hand in hand with Kappa, is a unique edition of the brand's most comfortable, versatile and iconic garments customized for the ESPORTS Professional Gaming League club, MAD Lions.

Among the different garments that you will find in this Kappa MAD Lions collection there are sweatshirts, t-shirts, vests, pants, backpacks, bags, sneakers... All of them with the highest quality of the Kappa seal and the unique design for MAD Lions.

MAD Lions unisex cap:

The Kappa BAPOV unisex cap, personalized for MAD Lions, provides a point of exclusivity in its design with the letters in white, discreetly and visible on the visor: MAD LIONS in capital letters, right next to the embroidered Omini logo. in white.

A unique garment, combinable in many styles, unisex, to wear while doing sports or as a fashion accessory for lifestyle walks. It will protect you from the sun and heat, with a 100% cotton fabric. At the back it has a system to adjust it so that it adapts perfectly to everyone.


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