MAD Lions is an esports club for which collective and individual honor prevail in decision-making, actions and behaviors. Our goal is to always choose the morally correct alternative.


All our activities and teams are governed by the utmost respect for people and rivals, sincerity and humanity. We accept, celebrate and defend personal decisions and the diversity that enriches society and industry.


We opted for humility and discretion as fundamental values, to create a healthy environment that plays a leading role in sport and positive entertainment.
Our level of self-demand is maximum in dealing with due respect among colleagues, fans and people outside the club.


In MAD Lions we use relentless work ethic to learn new skills and abilities so we can exceed in competitions and be ready for challenges. We diligently work to show how we are willing to sacrifice in order to become the best and never stop growing.


We strive to greatness by regularly engaging in holistic training and pursue personal development and team improvement without faltering for one moment (without losing momentum). We understand that self-discipline in the most difficult situations sheds light on our exemplary behaviour on and off stage. We are determined to set the example of professionailsm that this sector deserves.