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MAD LIONS black VUKLO model pants

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MAD Lions trousers, Vuklo model by Kappa, in black, with large side pockets, elastic waist and cuffs. Custom pant from Kappa's Authentic Kontemporary range for MAD Lions.

The MAD Lions VUKLO pants are a comfortable, urban style sports pants model with a more dressy line, which, due to its comfort and practicality with the large side pockets, you will use a lot. For a MAD Lions fan, this model of pants will become a must have, an essential part of the Kappa fashion collection for MAD Lions.

Features of the VUKLO pants from Kappa edition for MAD Lions:

  • black color
  • Straight cut fitted at the ankles. If you prefer to wear it wider, order a size larger than usual (See size guide)
  • Elastic waist and cuffs
  • Printed K logo on the right side pocket.
  • MAD LIONS team name on the pocket, subtly and elegantly standing out.
  • Modern, urban look, super comfortable to wear on a day-to-day basis, either to be more sporty or more dressed up.
  • Composition: 80% cotton, 20% polyester
  • Machine wash, 30º.
  • These MAD Lions pants belong to Kappa's Authentic Kontemporary line.


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MAD Lions fashion collection designed by Kappa:

The members of the MAD Lions club of the Professional Video Game League (LVP) (ESPORTS) are a benchmark and as such they had to have a line of accessories and accessories at their height, so that any MAD Lions fan could cheer on their team by finding their own style.

This is how the MAD LIONS FASHION line was born, made by Kappa for this club. Whatever your style, if you are a MAD Lions fan you will find the garment you want to always wear with your club.

Beyond the collection of official shirts and competition kits themselves, Kappa has created a range of garments with an elegant, youthful, distinguished, comfortable and highly versatile style. A collection that includes everything from MAD Lions t-shirts to sweatshirts, MAD Lions sneakers, MAD Lions vests or even very top accessories such as MAD Lions backpacks or MAD Lions caps.

In this case we present the VUKLO pants model, from the Authentic Kontemporary range by Kappa for MAD Lions.

How is the MAD LIONS model VUKLO pants from kappa:

It is a very versatile trouser model, an iconic model from Kappa's Authentic Kontemporary range, characterized by its sporty cut with large pockets on the sides but which can be worn very well to dress comfy, sports, urban lifestyle.

They are super comfortable to wear because of the shape of the pants, because of the elastic waist, because of the rubberized cuffs so that they do not ride up and down, and because of the super side pockets where you can store many things from your day to day. If you wear more sporty footwear, it's sweatpants; If you wear more dressy sneakers or shoes, it looks great as comfortable and neat pants.


This custom model for MAD Lions has the following features

  • Fitted straight cut, if you want to wear it wider, see the option of ordering a size larger than what you usually wear
  • Elastic waist and cuffs
  • black color
  • Sophisticated Kappa logo detail - printed on the pocket
  • Sophisticated MAD LIONS customization with the team name on the side pocket on the right leg.
  • Composition: 80% cotton, 20% polyester (very pleasant and comfortable to wear, they adapt and do not lose shape)
  • Machine wash, 30º
  • Do not use bleach or detergents that may contain this type of product that may discolor the garment.

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